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Code T4702 - Price £49.99

The Transformer Trolley Wheel Kit is a major advance in tackle transportation. Fixing to either of the Transformer Chairs, the wheel kit gives a large capacity trolley capable of holding two of our Large Kit Bags, or numerous smaller bags.

What makes the Transformer Trolley Wheel Kit so special though is that the wheels and handle do not need to be removed when you want to use the chair. Simply unfold the legs and drop the handle into the back of the chair frame and you are ready to fish!

Supplied with a water resistant cover that stows into a front pocket on the chair when not in use, the Trolley Wheel Kit really is the ultimate solution to transporting your tackle.

The Transformer Trolley Kit can be added or removed from the Transformer Chairs at any time without the use of tools.

• Fits without the need for any tools to the Transformer Chairs to convert them into a fully functioning Tackle Trolley
• Supplied with Wheel kit, handle and water resistant tackle cover
• No need to remove when chair is in use
• Large pneumatic tyres for rough terrain
• Folds flat for easy storage

TOP TIP – The Transformer Trolley Kit does not need to be removed when you start fishing. Just unfold the legs of the chair and start fishing!

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